Feedback on the Draft Strategic Plan

February 27, 2012

The Feedback Review Working Group (FRWG) has been meeting weekly since January to discuss the comments and suggestions received on the draft Strategic Plan. These meetings have already begun to help us identify areas that need clarification and amplification as we work toward fulfilling our charge to make specific recommendations on the language of the draft document to Provost Davis.

To those who have already submitted feedback, please accept our thanks. To those who are still planning to send feedback, we are asking that you do so before spring break begins on March 9. While we will accept and consider all feedback submitted through the March 31 deadline, the earlier date will help us get a better sense of areas needing attention and allow us more time to consider how your feedback might inform our ongoing conversations with Provost Davis and the Executive Council.

The final draft of the plan will be submitted to the Regents for adoption at their meeting on May 10 & 11.

The current Draft Strategic Plan, along with links for providing feedback, can be found on the Baylor University Strategic Planning web site.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Mitchell J. Neubert
Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics in Business
Hankamer School of Business

Michael W. Matier
Vice Provost
Institutional Effectiveness

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