Feedback Review Working Group

A Feedback Review Working Group (FWRG), drawn primarily from members of the Strategic Themes Committee, will examine all feedback submitted. During the course of their review, as well as upon completion of their work, they will meet with the Provost to share their findings. The FRWG will not produce a written summary report.

Below is the list of committee members.

  • Susan Bratton, Environmental Science, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Philip Donnelly, Director, Great Texts, Honors College
  • Ron English, Academic Support, Enrollment Management
  • Richard Gerik, Client Services, University Libraries
  • Angela Gray, Bioinformatics, Student Body External Vice President
  • Tiffany Hogue, Chief of Staff, Provost's Office
  • Leah Jackson, Associate Dean, School of Law
  • Karen Kemp, Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Christopher Mack, Assistant Director for Formation, Spiritual Life
  • Michael Matier, Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, co-chair
  • Carson Mencken, Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Mitchell Neubert, Management, Hankamer School of Business, co-chair
  • Byron Newberry, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering & Computer Science
  • Patricia Pack, Operations Manager, Mayborn Museum
  • Diana Ramey, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Sara Rae Schlesinger, Doctoral Student (Chemistry), Graduate Student Association
  • Martha Lou Scott, Dean of Campus Life, Student Life
  • Todd Still, George W. Truett Seminary
  • Ashley Thornton, Director of Continuous Improvement, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Patricia Tolbert, Director of Assessment & Compliance, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Jeff Wallace, Senior Director of Operations, Office of Investments