Invitation to Provide Feedback on the Draft Plan

The Strategic Plan Draft feedback period has ended. Thank you to those who submitted feedback.

We invite you to provide feedback on the draft strategic plan by answering any or all of the six questions listed below. You may find it helpful to consider your responses in advance of following the provided link.

A Feedback Review Working Group (FWRG), drawn primarily from members of the Strategic Themes Committee, will examine all feedback submitted. During the course of their review, as well as upon completion of their work, they will meet with the Provost to share their findings. The FRWG will not produce a written summary report.

  1. As you consider the institution that Baylor is now and how it might continue its upward trajectory over the next ten years, what areas of our draft plan do you consider most important?
  2. What portions of our draft plan do you find most inspiring?
  3. With the understanding that the new strategic plan is intended to be a "dynamic roadmap for our future, providing direction without dictating specific action" please provide examples of concrete, specific, and descriptive language you believe would clarify or amplify any of the aspirational statements, explanatory paragraphs, or areas of specification.
  4. Our draft plan envisions "acts of determination" as the action steps that will be taken by university entities as we implement our plan over the next ten years. Please suggest relevant examples of critical action steps related to any of the areas of specification identified within our aspirational statements that would help advance our goals in that particular area.
  5. Based on your reading of the draft, by what name should Baylor identify this strategic plan?
  6. Please use this space to provide any additional feedback you would like to offer concerning the draft plan.