Aspirational Statement Six

Aspirational Statement Six: Baylor will be a place . . . where commitment to excellence in all things cultivates a university community dedicated to improvement of self and service to others, to stewardship of our physical spaces, and to demonstrating outstanding quality and character in every area of university life.

In its broadest and most basic sense, our unique mission demands excellence in all things. The specific characteristics of life within our community contribute in profound ways to the transformation experienced by students—as well as by faculty and staff—during the time they spend at the University. Community is found in relationships among students, faculty, and staff; in our experiences together; and also in the physical environment in which we go about our work. In addition to building new and improving existing facilities during the past decade, the university has nurtured community in a number of ways, including sponsoring symposia and retreats for faculty and staff, reinvigorating the Office of Spiritual Life, and establishing a common and cohesive New Student Experience that provides academic and spiritual programming, beginning with Welcome Week and extending into the semester. This tangible commitment to pursue excellence in all things, whether relational or physical, strengthens our community. In order to realize as fully as possible the potential of this responsibility, we will:

  • Continue to build a caring campus community grounded in biblical perspectives on inclusiveness and discernment;
  • Encourage and support healthy lifestyles among faculty, staff, and students;
  • Affirm our commitment to sponsoring an NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletic program in the Big 12 conference dedicated to academic and competitive integrity and excellence;
  • Extend the functionality and augment the beauty of the physical campus according to architecturally consistent and master-planned development guidelines; and
  • Identify opportunities for donor-funded facilities that reflect the excellence of Baylor in academic, spiritual, and athletic life.

With these aspirational statements and related areas of specification as the backbone of Our New Strategic Plan, we can be confident in our actions as we chart a path that honors our heritage, raises our sights, and spreads light to a world that needs what God has called and equipped us to offer.