Aspirational Statement Four

Aspirational Statement Four: Baylor will be a place... the dedication of alumni and friends fuels an enthusiasm that advances Baylor through continuing engagement and philanthropy.

The Baylor family is deeply committed to the mission of the institution, and we enjoy a productive fellowship based on this shared vision as well as the varying points of view that are presented by the individual members of the family. Moreover, this shared vision of our Christian commitment and love for Baylor compels us to extend and support the legacy of our University. During the past decade, we have reached out to the broader community of alumni and friends through enhanced electronic communications and social media. Further, we have strengthened connections with our roots through our work in Independence, and we have enhanced our student body's understanding of and commitment to Baylor tradition and spirit through the ongoing development of Line Camp and Homecoming. We need creative new methods for strengthening the Baylor community's support, and, in turn, providing support for alumni. Our alumni are a source of wisdom and expertise and we must do more to engage them in all aspects of University life. We also need to welcome others who share our values and support our progress to join us as we grow. Therefore, we must:

  • Engage all Baylor alumni in the life and aspirations of the University;
  • Broaden Baylor's constituency base by engaging the global Christian community in the activities and programs of the University;
  • Engage and expand Baylor's constituency base by fostering relationships and a culture of philanthropy in order to increase giving to the University in significant ways;
  • Inspire today's students to become the committed donors of tomorrow;
  • Launch and execute a comprehensive campaign that, through private philanthropy, will undergird, equip, and increasingly fund major components of our plans;
  • Instill in the campus culture an understanding of and commitment to existing and new traditions that are hallmarks of the Baylor experience; and
  • Sustain and build upon the rich tradition of Baylor's ties to its historic Baptist roots.