President's Message

November 3, 2010

Ken Starr Photo
Good and faithful stewardship of the University's mission and its resources requires thoughtful planning to ensure that we advance our mission of educating men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.

Baylor University is emerging from a time in which thoughtful planning has led to one of its most significant periods of growth and development, inquiry and discovery.

With this new decade now underway, it is appropriate to recognize and celebrate our remarkable progress during this first part of the new millennium. But it is also vitally important that we maintain our strong forward momentum and come together as a community to provide input to the plans that will help propel us to greater heights.

That is why I have asked Provost Davis to oversee this next round of university-wide strategic planning. Dr. Davis has embraced this responsibility with great enthusiasm. Working with her colleagues, she has already established a multifaceted visioning exercise that will, during the next year, inform the development of the plan that will guide and inspire our progress during the coming decade. Our Provost envisions an active and inclusive process that will conclude with the presentation of a draft plan for consideration by University Regents at the homecoming meeting in 2011.

It is from a position of strength that we embark on this important journey. As I have said previously, Baylor University is an institution with a clear understanding of its ultimate purpose. Our Mission Statement, Foundational Assumptions, Core Convictions and Unifying Academic Themes declare the character of an institution that occupies a distinct and important role in American higher education.

Our unwavering commitment to shared governance depends on the active participation of faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends in this important process. We welcome and encourage everyone to the conversation.

And so we begin. Rooted in the great truths that define our foundation, we reach for the bold, even audacious possibilities that will enliven our imaginations and help us form a vision of Baylor's bright and promising future.

Ken Starr