Synthesis and Analysis

Time Frame: April-June 2011


The Strategic Themes Committee will synthesize and analyze all of the input received during the Community Input period of the strategic planning process. It will write a report to President Starr and the Executive Council in June 2011 that identifies recurring themes and priorities that are reflected in the input.

Characteristics of committee members

Members of the Strategic Themes Committee have an ability to listen to and comprehend the ideas of others and report back on those ideas in a manner that retains the original intent of the participant. Moreover, when presented with multiple perspectives on an issue, a member will be able to identify and report on common themes and priorities without substituting his or her own preferences into the report.


  • Mitchell Neubert, Chairperson, Hankamer School of Business
  • Andy Arterbury, George W. Truett Seminary
  • Susan Bratton, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Burt Burleson, Student Life
  • Phil Donnelly, Honors College
  • Ron English, Enrollment Management
  • Cristina Galvan, Student Body External Vice President
  • Richard Gerik, University Libraries
  • Leah Jackson, School of Law
  • Karen Kemp, Marketing and Communication
  • Rosalind Kennerson-Baty, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Carson Mencken, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Byron Newberry, Engineering and Computer Science
  • Patricia Pack, Mayborn Museum
  • Diana Ramey, Enrollment Management
  • Rob Rogers, School of Social Work
  • Sara Rae Schlesinger, Graduate Student Association
  • Martha Lou Scott, Student Life
  • Kathy Steely, School of Music
  • Tony Talbert, School of Education
  • Jeff Wallace, Finance and Administration