Concentration in Biostatistics

The Department offers a concentration in Biostatistics for the Ph.D. in Statistics.  This concentration will allow students to focus on specific areas in statistics related to the analysis of data related to pharma, clinical trials, and other medical applications of statistics. 

COURSE REQUIREMENTS:                                                           12 hours

Students will earn a concentration in Biostatistics by taking any four of the following courses.

  • STA 5364 Survival and Reliability Theory
  • STA 5365 Design of Experiments and Clinical Trials
  • STA 5367 Managerial Epidemiology (cross-listed at HPA 5367)
  • STA 5377 Spatial Statistics
  • STA 6366 Statistical Bioinformatics
  • STA 6384 Analysis of Categorical Data

Students in the program must also complete the Ph.D. in Statistics to be awarded the concentration in Biostatistics upon graduation.