Spring 2021 Colloquium Series

Spring 2021 Colloquiums will either be virtual or hybrid.  Please see zoom link and abstract below.

Speaker                             Date                                Affiliation

Dr. Junho Lee                                       1-22-2021          1 pm                        Baylor University
Ensemble learning-based methods
Zoom: https://baylor.zoom.us/j/7720784879?


Dr. Christina Chan-Park                     2-5-2021             1 pm                     Baylor University
Library Services and Resources for Statistics
Zoom: https://baylor.zoom.us/j/81516651342?pwd=ekEwTm8zRSszQjFtSUlRaVBmQjFGZz09
(Hybrid)   MMSci 301


Dr. Michael Gallaugher             2-19-2021   2-26-2021          3 pm            Baylor University
Advances in Cluster Weighted Modeling
Zoom: https://baylor.zoom.us/j/88122205255?pwd=elQwb3Y5bGdXZUc3ZmFtclJpV1hKdz09


Dr. Jameson Graber                             3-19-2021             3 pm                Baylor University
Intro to Mean Field Games
Zoom: https://baylor.zoom.us/j/83865894882?pwd=NzdSMnk1NnBXRlFTSk9hVExBSUdqUT09


Dr. Wesley Johnson                            4-9-2021             3:30 pm    Univ. of California, Irvine
Bayesian Disease Diagnosis and Diagnostic Testing
Zoom: https://baylor.zoom.us/j/85716168678?pwd=M3ZjRzJUNW1oVFY3a2NmNkFObkRJQT09

Dr. Rodney Sturdivant                         4-16-2021               3 pm             Baylor University
Zoom: https://baylor.zoom.us/j/82063240298?pwd=cnFJWDhGVDhsZ2Z1V2duRnV6b1Z0QT09