Admission Summer 2019 or after

Master of Science (M.S.)

Curriculum - M.S. - Ph.D. Track
    Statistics Core                    (12 hours)   

  • STA 5380 Methods in Statistics I
  • STA 5381 Methods in Statistics II
  • STA 5353 Theory of Statistics II 
  • STA 5383 Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

    Practicum Courses            (3 hours)

  • STA 5V85 Practice in Statistics                     

    Elective Courses               (21 hours)

The elective courses may include any approved statistics course or approved courses in mathematics (MTH), computer science (CSI), economics (ECO), quantitative business analysis (QBA), information systems (MIS), biology (BIO), or psychology (PSY). Note that STA 5V85 does not count as an elective course.