Statistics Electives

Note: The courses listed here may also be taken for an undergraduate degree in statistics.  For more information, refer to the "Undergraduate Course Descriptions" page. 
4362   Applied Time Series Analysis
Pre-requisite(s): STA 3386.

Statistical methods of analyzing time series. Model identification, estimation, forecasting, and spectral analysis will be discussed. Applications in a variety of areas including economics and environmental science will be considered.

4370   Sampling Techniques
Prerequisite(s): Three hours of statistical methods.

Planning, execution, and analysis of sampling from finite populations. Simple random, stratified random, ratio, systematic, cluster, sub sampling, regression estimates, and multi-frame techniques are covered.

4371   Data Management and Mining
Prerequisite(s): STA 3381.

Terminology, techniques, and management of Data Mining for biostatisticians.

4372   Introduction to Biostatistics
Prerequisite(s): STA 2381 or STA 3381 or consent of the instructor.

Data Analysis for biostatisticians in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields.

4373  Computational Methods in Statistics
Prerequisite(s): STA 2381 or STA 3381 or consent of the instructor.

Computational methods using statistical packages and programming.

4374   Statistical Process Control
Prerequisite(s): STA 3381 or equivalent.

Development of statistical concepts and theory underlying procedures used in statistical process control applications and reliability.

4382   Intermediate Statistical Methods
Prerequisite(s):  A minimum grade of C in either STA 2381 or STA 3381; or consent of instructor.

Development and application of two-sample inference, analysis of variance and multiple regression. Assumptions, diagnostics and remedial measures are emphasized. Computer statistics packages are utilized.

4385  Mathematical Statistics I
Prerequisite(s): MTH 2321 with minimum grade of C.

Introductions to the fundamentals of probability theory, random variables and their distributions, expectations, transformations of random variables, moment generating functions, special discrete and continuous distributions, multivariate distributions, order statistics, and sampling distributions.

4386  Mathematical Statistics II
Prerequisite(s): STA 4385 with minimum grade of C.

Theory of statistical estimation and hypothesis testing. Topics include point and interval estimation, properties of estimators, properties of test of hypotheses including most powerful and likelihood ratios tests, and decision theory including Bayes and minimax criteria.