Fall 2017 Colloquium Series

Fall 2017 Schedule
Unless otherwise noted, colloquiums are held from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in MMSCI 301.
Speaker Date Affiliation Title
Dr. Darren Homrighausen

September 21, 2017

Southern Methodist University A General Framework for Addressing `Any'
Machine Learning Problem
Dr. Robert Lund

September 28, 2017

Clemson University

Bayesian Multiple Breakpoint Detection: Mixing Documented and Undocumented Changepoints

Dr. Emilio Porcu

October 5, 2017

Newcastle University Modeling Temporally Evolving and Spatially
Globally Dependent Data
Dr. Fanni Natanegara October 19, 2017 Eli Lilly and Company  
Dr. James Long

November 2, 2017

Texas A&M University Mapping the Milky Way Halo: Global Modeling and Classification of Sparsely Sampled Functional Data
Dr. Irina Gaynanova

November 9, 2017

Texas A&M University Linked Component Models for Integrative Analysis for Heterogeneous Multi-View Data
Dr. Yulia Gel

November 16, 2017

University of Texas at Dallas Climate Adaptation and Risk Management
in Residential Insurance