Chris Casement - 4th Year, Naples, FL

What made you choose Baylor over other programs you considered?

The departmental environment, hands down. The graduate program here is small, and the environment in the department has a family feel to it. I could tell immediately from conversations with students and professors during my on-campus visit that the faculty truly care about the students and want them to succeed, something students want for each other as well. The department encourages students to collaborate rather than compete with one another, and they aren't trying to weed people out. And if you need to get a hold of a professor or simply just want to say hello, they know your name and are happy to talk.

What have you enjoyed most during your time at Baylor?

My favorite classes were computational statistics and the two in the Bayes sequence. The professors I took those with, Dr. Kahle and Dr. Stamey, are two of the best I've had at any level.

What is your current position or project while completing your Ph.D.?

I just finished teaching an introductory statistics class at Baylor and will defend in a few weeks.

What are your future plans?

I'm excited to start a tenure-track college teaching position at Drew University in the fall, where I'll teach statistics courses in the math and computer science department.