2021 Dissertations
Author Title
Jinjie Chen         Bayesian Spatial Misclassification Model for Areal Count Data With Applications to COVID-19
Qida Ma Contributions to algebraic pattern recognition and integrated likelihood ratio confidence intervals
2020 Dissertations
Author Title
Purvi Prajapati Bayesian Approaches for Survival Data in Pharmaceutical Research
Briceon Wiley Integrated-Likelihood-Ratio Confidence Interval Methods for Data Subject to Double-Sampling
Molly Klanderman Multivariate Fault Detection and Isolation
Melissa Innerst               Lehmann ROC Regression and Spatial Classification
2019 Dissertations
Author Title
Caleb Stein Topics on the Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Genomic Data.
Grant Innerst  Contributions to Computational Algebraic Statistics
Whitney Worley  On Testing for Equality of Two Population High-Dimensional Mean Vectors
Andrew Lawler  Detecting episodes of star formation using Bayesian model selection
Divya Lakshminarayanan Bayesian adjustment for misclassification bias and prior elicitation for dependent parameters
Yuelin Lu Bayesian inference for vaccine efficacy and prediction of survival probability in prime-boost vaccination regimes
Chris Elrod Computational Bayesian methods applied to complex problems in bio and astro statistics
2018 Dissertations
Author Title
Katrina Anderson Bayesian Approach to Partially Validated Binary Regression with Response and Exposure Misclassification.
Ben Barnard A Power Contrast of Tests for Homogeneity of Covariance Matrices in a High-Dimensional Setting.
Clay King Applications of Bayesian quantile regression and sample size determination.
Morgan McCreary On Inferring Cognitive Impairment from a Battery of Cognitive Tests and Predicting an Event-of-Interest from Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data.
Sarah Stanley Beta regression for modeling a covariate-adjusted ROC.
Youjiao Yu Weibull Mixture Model for Grouped Data and Pattern Identification in Spatial and Spatial-Temporal Data.
Kate (Qi) Zhou Bayesian propensity score analysis for clustered data with misclassified response and its sensitivity to unmeasured confounding.


2017 Dissertations
Author Title
Somer Blair Contributions to the theory and practice of prior elicitation in biopharmaceutical research.
Chris Casement Graphical methods in prior elicitation.
Madeline Drevets Bayesian inference for bivariate Poisson data with zero-inflation.
Paul Faya Bayesian methods in non-clinical pharmaceutical statistics.
Tyler Nelson Multilevel binomial and Poisson regression with misclassified outcomes and binary covariates: a Bayesian approach.
Gabriel Odom Three applications of linear dimension reduction.
Justin Sims Modeling nonlinear, nonstationary, vector time series: methods and applications.
Johanie Van Zyl Evaluating treatment efficacy using AUC modeling.


2016 Dissertations
Author Title
Wencong Chen Bayesian models for unmeasured confounder in the analysis of time-to-event data.
Mark Eschmann Bayesian methods to estimate the accuracy of a binary measurement system.
Jonathon Vallejo Some new applications of Bayesian longitudinal models.
R. J. Waken Flexible spatial interpolation and uncertainty quantification : with applications in radar rainfall estimation.
Wenqi Wu Network meta-analysis with rare events and misclassified response.


2015 Dissertations
Author Title
Joyce Cheng Bayesian methods for hurdle models.
Michelle Marcovitz Logistic regression models for short sequences of correlated binary variables possessing first-order Markov dependence.
Kristen Tecson Topics in Bayesian models with ordered parameters : response misclassification, covariate misclassification, and sample size determination.


2014 Dissertations
Author Title
Amy Buros Semiparametric AUC regression for ordered treatment effects.
Tom Carlile Adaptive Designs for Phase II Clinical Trials with Binary Endpoints.
Jack Knorr Bayesian methods to estimate the accuracy of diagnostic tests in meta-analysis models.
Forrest Williamson On the measurement of blinding in randomized, controlled trials.


2013 Dissertations
Author Title
John Beeson Topics in multivariate covariance estimation and time series analysis.
Ross Bray A bivariate regression model with correlated mixed responses.
Joshua Patrick Semiparametric estimation and forecasting for functional-coefficient autoregressive models.
Ryan Sides Sample size determination for two sample binomial and Poisson data models based on Bayesian decision theory.
Linda (Njoh) Simo Topics in interval estimation for two problems using double sampling.
Daisy (Jiang)Yuan Normal approximation for Bayesian models with non-sampling bias.


2012 Dissertations
Author Title
Stephanie (Simon) Doherty Interval-censored negative binomial models : a Bayesian approach.
Brandi Falley Bayesian approaches for design of psychometric studies with underreporting and misclassification.
John Ramey Selected topics in high-dimensional statistical learning.
Hua Wei Bayesian modelling of mixed outcome types using random effect.


2011 Dissertations
Author Title
Monica Bennett Bayesian approaches to correcting bias in epidemiological data.
Tave Doty Bayesian topics in biostatistics : treatment selection, sample size, power, and misclassification.
Austin Hand Bayesian sample-size determination and adaptive design for clinical trials with Poisson outcomes.
Denka Markova Topics in odds ratio estimation in the case-control studies and the bioequivalence testing in the crossover studies.
Lindsay Renfro Bayesian evaluation and adaptive trial design for surrogate time-to-event endpoints in clinical trials.
Eileen Stock Interval estimation for TPRs and FPRs of two diagnostic tests with unverified negatives.
Sydeaka Watson Poisson regression models for interval censored count data.


2010 Dissertations
Author Title
William Atkinson Spatial Poisson regression : Bayesian approach correcting for measurement error with applications.
MaryAnn Morgan-Cox Count regression models with a misclassified binary covariate : a Bayesian approach.
Jessica Pruszynski Bayesian models for discrete censored sampling and dose finding.
Gaby Rahardja Bayesian and likelihood-based interval estimation for the risk ratio using double sampling with misclassified binomial data.
John W. Seaman III Topics in Bayesian inference : induced priors, proof loading for combination drugs, and distribution of archaeological skeletal assemblages.


2009 Dissertations
Author Title
Daniel Beavers Bayesian approaches to parameter estimation and variable selection for misclassified binary data.
Stephanie Powers Bayesian approach to inference and variable selection for misclassified and under-reported response models.
Philip Young Topics in dimension reduction and missing data in statistical discrimination.


2008 Dissertations
Author Title
Joanna Crixel Logistic regression with covariate measurement error in an adaptive design : a Bayesian approach.
Jesus Cuellar-Fuentes Statistical monitoring of a process with autocorrelated output and observable autocorrelated measurement error.
Brandi Greer Bayesian and pseudo-likelihood interval estimation for comparing two Poisson rate parameters using under-reported data.
Joel Hetzer Statistical considerations in the analysis of multivariate Phase II testing.
Jo Mauldin Bayesian approaches to problems in drug safety and adaptive clinical trial designs.
Kazutoshi Miyamoto Bayesian and maximum likelihood methods for some two-segment generalized linear models.
Jie Wang Sample size determination for Emax model, equivalence / non-inferiority test and drug combination in fixed dose trials.
Lin Zhang Semiparametric AUC regression for testing treatment effect in clinical trial.


2007 Dissertations
Author Title
Dunlei (Chris) Cheng Topics in Bayesian sample size determination and Bayesian model selection.
Anna McGlothlin Logistic regression with misclassified response and covariate measurement error: a Bayesian approach.


2006 Dissertations
Author Title
Patricia Carlin Bayesian inference for correlated binary data with an application to diabetes complication progression.
Amy Feng Bayesian evaluation of surrogate endpoints.
John McBride Conjugate hierarchical models for spatial data: an application on an optimal selection procedure.
Page Casey Moore A restriction method for the analysis of discrete longitudinal missing data.
Songthip Ounpraseuth Selected topics in statistical discriminant analysis.
Kent Riggs Maximum-likelihood-based confidence regions and hypothesis tests for selected statistical models.
Melissa Spann Bayesian adaptive designs for non-inferiority and dose selection trials.


2005 Dissertations
Author Title
Deeanna Antosh Statistical issues concerning modeling and evaluating student achievement and school accountability.
Jose Guardiola The semicircular normal distribution.


2004 Dissertations
Author Title
Hassan Elsalloukh The epsilon-skew-exponential power distribution.


2003 Dissertations
Author Title
Sunni Barnes Missing data in clinical trials.
Doyle Boese Likelihood-based confidence intervals for proportion parameters with binary data subject to misclassification.
Cody Hamilton  Bayesian procedures for ranking normal means.
Amy Maddox Regression effect models.
Fanni Natanegara Bayesian models for circular data.
Marsha Young Contributions to the theory of quadratic forms and generalized quadratic forms in normal random matrices.


2002 Dissertations
Author Title
Dwight Stephens Systematic bi-strata cluster sampling applied to preventive health care utilization rates.


2001 Dissertations
Author Title
Karen Andrews Bayesian analysis of time-to-pregnancy data.
Peter Chen Error rate approximation and estimation for the linear discriminant function for the small training-sample-size case.
Janelle Erikson Bayesian methods for bioequivalence studies.
Kathleen Morley Bayesian methods for linear calibration.
David Paul Mathematical modeling in public education.


2000 Dissertations
Author Title
Mark Hammer Bayesian point estimates in finite population sampling.
Phil Rhodes Statistical signal processing algorithms.
James Stamey A Bayesian analysis of Poisson data with misclassification.


1993-1999 Dissertations
Author Title
Marty Smith 1999 - A Bayesian analysis for dose proportionality.
Laura Thompson 1999 - A Bayesian analysis of mislabeling of training observations in linear discriminant analysis.
Benjamin Bekele 1998 - Binomial data with misclassification : a Bayesian approach.
Virginia Sutton Kay 1998 - Statistical evaluation of a project to estimate fish trajectories through the intakes of Kaplan hydropower turbines.
Thomas Parks 1998 - Antagonism and synergism detection in multidimensional quantal response surfaces.
Julia Etta Thomas 1998 - Properties of the ANOVA F test as applied to ordered categorical data : a simulation-based study.
Kent S. Borowick 1997 - Analysis of low probability count data with applications in crime analysis.
David Manner 1997 - Bayesian inference using surrogate variables.
Stacey David 1996 - A Bayesian analysis of crossover designs and carryover effects.
Elisabeth Umble 1996 - Determining the joint probability of failure of materials subject to multiple stress loads : a Bayesian approach.
Scott Burk 1995 - Selection of beta distributions for the representation of uncertainty.
Melinda Miller 1995 - Analysis of quantal responses in the joint action of two agents : Bayesian and distribution-free methods
Agustin Navarra 1995 - Representations of common solutions to certain systems of matrix equations
Leah Lehman 1993 - nMatrix equation solutions and distribution theory of quadratic forms