Departmental Policy for Course Replacement, Waivers, and Permits

The university webpage for materials related to transfer credit for current BU students can be found at

Check this material before contacting the department.

The Department receives numerous requests for permission to take substitute courses and permits or waivers into existing courses. We also occasionally get requests for changes of course requirements in a student's program. The following guidelines should be used in determining whether or not you will be allowed to make your change:

  • Substitution for STA 1380 -- This course satisfies a math requirement within Baylor University's core required courses therefore any substitute statistics course must have either a MATH or STAT designation. We WILL NOT accept a substitute course with any other designation! This includes business, psychology, sociology, and education statistics courses! If you have a request that meets the above requirement, please
    • Check the university link to see if the proposed course has already been approved. The link is
    • if your course is not listed above, please email your information including your BUID #, catalog course description for the substitute course and supporting material for this course including the title of the textbook and a copy of the course syllabus
  • STA 2381 should be taken at Baylor University
  • Permits or Waivers into a course-- This decision is made by a single person within the department, DO NOT ask any faculty member as they CANNOT provide you with an permit or waiver into their course! You cannot have an permit into a course section unless all sections are filled to capacity. The status of the courses are fluid, therefore keep checking the enrollment status for the course that you need.
    • There is one exception to the above, if you are scheduled to graduate from Baylor in the semester in which you are attempting to enroll, please email us about an permit (include your name and BUID #) as we will attempt to meet your need. It most likely will be into a section that fits our needs and not your schedule.
    • Waivers allow you to enroll into a course for which you have not yet satisfied the prerequisite requirements. This will allow you to enroll into an open section of the course in question. Note, you will be dropped from this course in the event that you do not satisfy the prerequisite. These are given during spring enrollment periods where the needed prerequisite course will be taken during the summer.
  • Terminology
    • Prerequisite Waiver – Electronic consent that overrides course prerequisite, course co-requisite, major restriction, classification restriction or degree restriction for all sections of a course. The waiver does not override a closed class.
    • Permit – Electronic consent which overrides any obstacle to registration, with exception of time conflict. The permit should only be used for closed classes
  • Program Changes involving STA courses This involves a change in the student's program for which the decision rests with the student's home department and program. The statistics department CANNOT and WILL NOT make this decision.

  • If you have a request that satisfies the above requirements, email your request with supporting material to Dr. Jeanne Hill or Dr. James Stamey.

    The above issues can and should be handled via email. If need, you can FAX or bring the supporting material to the Statistics office. Since these issues are related to student records we cannot and will not discuss these matters with other parties, including parents.