Consulting & Tutoring

The Statistical Consulting Center is closed.


The Statistical Consulting Center is a service provided by the Department of Statistical Science at Baylor University. The Center provides statistical consulting services to members of the University community, government, and industry. The SCC has a three part mission:

  1. Research Participation - To provide high quality statistical input to high quality research projects.
  2. Education - To train statisticians to interact effectively with investigators from other disciplines.
  3. Collaboration - To encourage collaborative research between statisticians and investigators from other disciplines.


The type of services provided by the SCC include:


  • Short Term Statistical Analysis:
    For students, researchers and faculty at Baylor University, we provide advice and assistance with short-term statistical analysis at no charge. You are especially encouraged to contact us early in your research, preferably at the design stage. The time normally required to complete a project may vary from a few hours to several weeks.
    Services include:
    • Designing experiments and initial plans for data collection.
    • Providing advice on statistical methodology for the analysis of data.
    • Assisting researchers in the interpretation of statistical results.
    • Providing assistance for writing computer programs, particularly, SAS programs.
  • Long Term Collaborative Research:
    We seek to promote cross-disciplinary interaction and collaborative research between the faculty and students in Statistics and their counterparts in other disciplines.
  • Assistance in Preparation of Research Grant Proposals:
    We invite researchers working on grant proposals to include statistical consulting and data-analysis as an item in their research plans and their budgets.

For problems concerning installation and licensing of statistical software or data management, please contact the Help Desk (254-710-4357).

You will be contacted once the request for assistance is received. At that time please provide us with days and times for which you and your adviser can meet for the initial consultation.