Jack D. Tubbs, Ph.D., Professor

Jack D. Tubbs, Ph.D., Professor
Professor of Statistical Science
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Professor of Statistical Science


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Texas Tech University, 1974
  • M.S., Mathematics, Texas Tech University, 1972
  • B.S., Mathematics, Eastern New Mexico University, 1970


When I was the chair of the department I spend a great deal of my time seeking ways to improve the quality of the teaching, learning, and scholarship associated with being a separate department of statistical science. The department has responsibilities in the area of; service teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level, teaching and preparing our own students to become better equipped statisticians, providing statistical consulting and interdisciplinary research opportunities for clients and researchers from other disciplines, and for the individual and group scholarship that takes place within the department. Although this task is never ending, it does have its rewards as realized when the department is able to compete with top graduate statistics programs in obtaining outstanding students. Then to see how these students mature into highly qualified statisticians who are able to compete with the nation's best doctoral statistics graduates for research internships and jobs within the statistical community in industry, government, and the Academy.

A grant funded by the Eli Lilly Foundation has enabled the department to provide better training for graduate students where students are able to begin their research projects earlier in their program by working on real problems with real data from the pharmaceutical industry. Since receiving these funds, the department has seen significant improvement in the overall quality of the doctoral theses that is directly attributable to having access to problems of this type. An added benefit is that the students and faculty are able to interact with statisticians and scientists from the Lilly Company.

The above model has been repeated with new research opportunities with Baylor Medical Hospital in Dallas, Scott and White Hospital in Temple, and the VA Hospital in Waco.

Since these duties are now in the able hands of our new chair, Dr. James Stamey, I am now free to spend my energy on my passion for working with students in the hopes of training them for a prolong career in statistical science.

Selected Publications

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Buros, A., Tubbs, J., van Zyl, J. S. (2017). AUC Regression for Multiple Comparisons with the Jonckheere Trend Test. To appear in Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research. https://dx.doi.org/10.1080/19466315.2017.1322135

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