Staff Council Debrief - September 2007

Sept. 30, 2007

This is the Staff Council debrief that summarizes the meeting on September 11, 2007.

Chair John Lowe presided at the meeting. Susie Johnston acted as Vice-Chair and Carolyn Muska acted as Secretary.

President John M. Lilley attended the Staff Council meeting. He answered questions and made comments about the Fall Faculty/Staff Forum, beginning of a new school year, enrollment numbers as of the 12th class day, and the Baylor Line.

Reports were given on the following committees:

Membership Committee - The Membership Committee will continue work to improve the election process and address vacancies where there are no replacements.

Spirit Shirt Committee - Staff Council shirts and name badges are being purchased for the Staff Council members. The Spirit shirts will be posted on the website and go on tour soon including the School of Nursing in Dallas.

S.T.E.P.P. Committee - The dates for all of the STEPP Luncheons are on the Staff Council website. Not all of the topics have been established. The first STEPP Luncheon is scheduled for September 18th, about the American Cancer Society.

Information Committee - Documents such as the Smoking Resolution and the WOW document will be stored online for future access by Staff Council members.

Q&A Committee - The committee is available to find answers to staff issues, questions, and concerns.

Information was presented at the meeting about the smoking policy update, University Strategic Planning Council, United Way Campaign for 2008, Staff Council priorities, goals, and issues for 2007-08, new emergency notification system, and Baylor Code of Ethics.

All staff are encouraged to visit the Staff Council website at for all of the latest news and events related to Baylor staff.