Staff Council Debrief - October 2006

Nov. 7, 2006

This is the Staff Council debrief that summarizes the meeting on October 10, 2006.

All staff are encouraged to visit the new Staff Council website at for all of the latest news and events related to Baylor staff.

Chair Lisa Hoxworth presided at the meeting. Carolyn Muska acted as Secretary.

President John M. Lilley will attend the November Staff Council meeting. Please email any questions or topic discussion requests to Lisa Hoxworth.

Reports were given on the following committees:

Spirit Shirt Committee - 291 orders were placed for 517 shirts. This is an increase from last year. The shirts are scheduled to arrive on November 1 and will be distributed on November 15. Volunteers are needed to help sort shirts. Please contact Cheryl Ervi if you are able to assist.

S.T.E.P.P. Committee - The first event was scheduled for October 24 in the Barfield Drawing Room of the Bill Daniel Student Center. More information is available on the web.

Compensation, Benefits, & Personnel Committee - The purpose of the committee is to communicate information about new benefit policies. A discussion was held about how health insurance premiums are determined. The premiums are calculated and recalculated each month. Baylor supplements 75% of the premium cost.

Shelley Deats, Manager of Parking Services, spoke about parking on the Baylor campus. The Parking Services Department is trying to provide more communication about parking on campus. Please let their staff know about big events and visitors on campus. Information is available on their website at if you have any questions or need additional information about parking services.

President Lilley spoke with the Executive Committees of the Faculty Senate and Staff Council about making the United Way a more focused fundraising event on campus during the fall semester. If all agree, the fundraising for the American Heart Association will discontinue being an organized fundraising event for next fall. The spring fundraising project will be to promote something internally on campus.

Debra Hall in Student Activities is seeking volunteers to decorate the 25-foot Christmas tree inside the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Compensation & Benefits received another request for shared sick leave recently. We have had several requests in a short period of time and we appreciate the generosity of the staff who have already donated a portion of their sick leave. However, the need for donations continues. This employee will be in need of the maximum allowed by policy (320 hours).

If you meet the following criteria and are willing to donate a portion of your sick leave accrual, please contact Beverly Tieman in Compensation & Benefits for additional information at 2218 or email


• Must submit a donation request to their supervisor/department head for verification.

• Must retain 160 sick leave hours after the donation.

• May donate a maximum of five days per calendar year.

• Must donate in 8-hour increments.

• Unused donor hours will remain with the recipient.