A Council of the Staff, By the Staff, and For the Staff

Oct. 25, 2006

In their September meeting, the Staff Council of Baylor University unanimously approved a major revision to both their constitution and by-laws that resulted in a pivotal change to the way Staff Council members are selected. Beginning in the spring of 2007, Staff Council members will be nominated and elected by their peers instead of being appointed to office by the university administration.

The new constitution is a major step in demonstrating the council's position as an autonomous body and serves to encourage staff to be more active in the council by being part of the selection process. The election will follow the same election process as the Faculty Senate and will begin in February with the formation of a Staff Council Membership Committee responsible for soliciting nominations for candidates from the staff body.

The other major constitutional change involves the way information is communicated from the council. The Staff Council website has been redesigned and greatly enhanced thanks to the Information Committee and Sharon Johnson in ITS. The new website will serve as the primary method for communicating news and event information to the staff as the news or events happen instead of having to wait for a quarterly newsletter.

For more information about these changes or to view the new Constitution and By-Laws, you are encouraged to visit the Staff Council website at