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McCall Chapel Wedding Guidelines

  1. The maximum occupancy of the Chapel is 125 people.
  2. Absolutely no food or drinks in the McCall Chapel at any time.
  3. No reserved parking is available, parking is on a first come, first served basis. Parking is also available along 9th street.
  4. No bright, colored flowers are to be dropped on the carpet (i.e. purple, red, orange, etc).
  5. Do not use tape, tacks or nails of any kind on walls, furniture, carpet, or pews.
  6. The Chapel will be available for 1 hour at the time designated for rehearsal.
  7. The Chapel will be available for three (3) hours prior to the time designated for the wedding ceremony and all decorations will need to be removed immediately after the ceremony. A total of five (5) hours is allowed for the entire event. Any alterations to these times must be made with the Miller Chapel Facility Consultant and documented in writing.
  8. Open flamed candles are not permitted. Electronic or battery operated candles can be used.
  9. The lights will be turned on and off for you before and after the rehearsal and the wedding. Changes and adjustments to the lighting must be made by the Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum.
  10. Microphones and sound equipment are not provided for your use. Any equipment needed will be your responsibility to organize and pay for. You must notify the Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum if you intend to use any outside equipment.
  11. The grand piano in the chapel is available for your use. It cannot be moved. The chairs and lecterns are also available for your use but may be moved if you do not wish to use them. There is a unity table available if you should require one.
  12. The Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum will visit one (1) hour prior to the wedding ceremony to place signs on the back doors directing guests to the front entrance. She will also adjust the lighting and check for any last minute details. She will make contact with the bride and her party to make sure that there are no further questions, then excuse herself. She will not be available to manage the ceremony.
  13. Should the bride have an official wedding coordinator, this person will make contact with the Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum and make all arrangements through her. Any changes in the service, set-up, etc. will be reported directly to the Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum for her approval.
  14. Soloists, Pianists, musicians, etc. are encouraged to limit their practices to the times designated for the wedding rehearsal and prior to the ceremony. You must inform the Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum if you intend to use any of these. If additional practice time is needed, arrangement should be made ahead of time by calling (254) 710-6941.
  15. The Panhellenic Office and conference room upstairs are used by the bride and her attendants to dress for the wedding. A full-length mirror and electrical outlets are provided.
  16. A waiting area is available for the groom and his attendants in the Information Commons Study Room. This area is small and it is recommended that the groom's party arrive at the Chapel dressed.