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Male Visitors and Guests

Male visitors and guests are not allowed in the chapter suites at any time. Chapters may plan events involving males that provide exceptions to this policy that include but are not limited to:

  • Social gatherings (i.e. mixers)
  • Homecoming activities
  • Parent's Weekend activities
  • Bid Day acceptance parties (which may include parents, siblings, and other family members)
  • Male visitors may give announcements, etc. during regular chapter or new member meetings.
Chapters must notify the Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum prior to the event for safety and scheduling purposes.

Non-Panhellenic groups are not permitted to use the individual chapter suites for any purposes that are for the primary business of that organization. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Recruitment activities of non-Panhellenic organizations (including voting, interviewing, recruitment functions)
  • Organizational meetings, activities, or social functions
  • Sing, PigSkin, or StompFest practices (unless in conjunction with a Panhellenic group)

If any chapter suite is found with a male visitor(s) outside of normal building hours the Panhellenic member(s) with the guest may receive a written warning and the chapter will be notified. The chapter may receive a written warning and/or fine, or the individual and/or chapter may be referred to the Panhellenic Judicial Board and/or the Department of Student Activities. 

Consequences for breaking this policy will be at the discretion of the Coordinator of the Stacy Riddle Forum, the Associate Director of Student Activities for Greek Life, and the Director of Student Activities if needed.

The Stacy Riddle Forum is open to all students from 7am-11pm.

If a non-Panhellenic group wishes to reserve the McCall Chapel for organizational use they may contact the Coordinator for the Stacy Riddle Forum to reserve a date and time. Reservations must be made a minimum of seven days in advance. The terms of use agreement for the McCall Chapel can also be accessed through the Coordinator for the Stacy Riddle Forum.