Helpful Documents

SSC is a tool Baylor began using in Fall 2016 to help each Baylor undergraduate student find a best fit major and graduate in four years.



Instructions to Sync Outlook Calendar with SSC Calendar
This document is one that will give specific instructions, including screenshots, on how to sync your Outlook calendar with the SSC calendar for new users. The purpose is to set up your availability in SSC so that students can quickly make appointments or other staff members can see when you are available to meet with students.

Instructions to Update Outlook Sync for Previously Synced Users

How Texting in SSC Works
This document highlights how Texting in SSC works and highlights protocols and best practices for campus use.

SSC User Guide
This guide was designed by the folks at the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to give detailed information on how to navigate the platform in order to do everything from signing in to tracking student behavior. Of course, many of the features in the system are probably simple enough to discover by clicking around in the system. However, this document will equip you with detailed instructions to make the most of the information we have on students.

SSC Implementation Strategy
There has been tremendous work to lay a foundation for the implementation of SSC on the campus of Baylor University. The platform will be implemented in phases as more features come online and users provide feedback about how the tool affects daily processes. The strategy was solidified on June 16, 2016 and may be modified along the way.

Student Success Data Analytics Team Report and Proposal
After years of examining the services to our students and vetting multiple platforms, the Student Success Data Analytics Team selected the SSC as an instrument to greatly enhance our ability to offer assistance to students that need it most. The proposal gives insight to the capabilities and expectations of SSC and how it can be used to identify students that need intervention.

Risk Model Report for Baylor
The Student Success Collaborative has created an aggregate report utilizing Baylor information from the past decade. This report reveals some trends that are very helpful for understanding what students need to accomplish to be successful beyond Baylor; whether a student intends to go to graduate school or enter the workforce. The information in this document can assist advisors (and other staff) who are talking with students about possible options based on academic performance.