Student Success Initiatives
Student Success Initiatives (SSI) staff strive to positively impact the success of Baylor students by addressing their social, emotional, transitional and academic concerns. Each of the SSI areas can have a significant impact on a student’s transition, persistence and retention, thereby creating a more robust coordinated care network for undergraduate students.
Baylor Summer

Get Ahead – Stay Ahead. Spend your summer with Baylor!

New Student Experience (NSE)

Combines courses and programs to help students transition to the rigorous academic environment at Baylor.

Transfer Student Success

Provides support, programming and advocacy for transfer students throughout their Baylor experience.

First in Line

Offers first generation college students programs to maximize academic success.


Assists Baylor undergraduates in the complex and important process of preparing for entrance into law school.

Veteran Educational and Transition services (VETS)

Offers student veterans programs to maximize academic success.