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Facilities & Resources

The program is located in the Cadet Sports Physical Therapy Clinic (a unit of Keller Army Hospital) within the Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center at The United States Military Academy, West Point. Being located at West Point provides the fellows the opportunity to work directly with Division I college athletes, Competitive Club Sports athletes, Intramural athletes, and military trainees, all in one location.

The facility includes an open plan sports medicine evaluation room, classroom, and 3,500 sqft rehabilitation gym.

Keller Army Community Hospital (KACH)

Keller Army Community Hospital is the military treatment facility for USMA, the preparatory school (USMAPS), and all tenet units at West Point. Fellows participate in clinical rotations with orthopaedic surgery, podiatry, radiology, and dermatology.

The John A. Feagin Jr Orthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine Fellowship

The only Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery Fellowship in the US Army is also here at West Point. Being co-located with the fellowship program provides numerous learning opportunities for our fellows including: weekly joint orthopaedic & physical therapy "sports clinics", weekly educational lecture series with guest lecturers from around the world, weekly orthopaedic surgery case presentations, and participation in orthopaedic research projects.

The United States Military Academy Department of Physical Education (DPE)

The Department of Physical Education at USMA "creates a cadet centered environment that provides a militarily relevant and scientifically based physical development program which instills a warrior ethos of physical and mental superiority". Home to the USMA Kinesiology major, the DPE conducts courses such as military movement, combatives, combat water survival swimming, and a host of intramural sports. The fellows work closely with the DPE sports medicine staff to provide medical coverage for courses and sports. The DPE Athletic Trainers also teach many of the athletic training skills to the fellows throughout the fellowship program.

Specialized Evaluation, Rehabilitation, and Research Equipment