Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit

myStrength cultivates whole-person well-being. Clinically-reviewed wellness resources for diabetes, smoking cessation, nutrition, as well as user-defined inspirational and spiritual resources fill out the myStrength experience.

We all have our struggles. Finding ways to focus on your emotional health is important.

  • Support for managing depression, anxiety, stress, sleep and much more
  • Track your mood, set goals and notice changes over time
  • Join a community that can help inspire you to stay on track
  • Safe and secure - just for you

myStrength is available for all Baylor students, faculty, and staff. Download the app and create your account using your Baylor e-mail address today.


Focused on what is important

myStrength adjusts each day and with every interaction. Preferences and goals, current emotional and motivational states, ongoing life events are all captured. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms create individualized myStrength experiences which include interactive programs, in-the-moment coping tools, inspirational resources and community support.

Integrated, guided experience

myStrength offers depth and breadth to build resiliency, manage stress, improve mood, sleep better or simply find daily inspiration. Our platform empowers individuals with personalized pathways incorporating multiple programs to help manage and overcome comorbid challenges.


Interactive mood management program teaches cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in an engaging step-by-step approach.




Based in mindfulness and CBT, this program explores a range of in-the-moment coping skills to reduce panic now, and prevent out-of-control worry in the future.




Core tenants of positive psychology and mindfulness shared in a practical context make this a powerful program for handling workplace or personal stress.



Substance Use

Based on readiness to change, this dynamic program builds awareness of usage patterns alongside in-depth CBT-based relapse prevention for a powerful recovery experience.



Chronic Pain

Peer-led program teaches coping strategies for coping with pain, managing opioid use and creating positive interactions with care teams.





Highly-engaging program based in CBTi, combines interactive tracking and individualized sleep plan to ensure a solid night's rest.



myStrength is not a healthcare provider and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are currently thinking about or planning to harm yourself or someone else please call 911, go to the nearest hospital emergency room, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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