Chapel Table

Chapel has moved to an online format, with highly produced, artistic videos based on our Christian faith for each week’s service. Later each week, students will be able to reflect on the chapel sessions within the community of small groups set up in partnership with Student Activities and New Student Programs.


While we are excited about all the possibilities of this, we remain committed to ministry in-person. After all, Christians believe that God Himself “became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:14, The Message).

For that reason we will be moving “The Chapel Table” to your neighborhood by placing it at different spots around campus from 9am-Noon on MWF.

At the table you’ll be able to meet with a chaplain, seek spiritual guidance, ask questions, or express concerns about what you’re hearing in chapel or what’s happening in the world.

We’ll announce locations through this webpage, Canvas announcements, and on Instagram & Facebook.

Baylor Spiritual Life