Spotify Playlists to Lift Your Spirits

By: Dominique McShan
Music has a special way of uplifting our spirits, and fostering shared experiences with each other. With this in mind, Spiritual Life has compiled a list of seven Spotify playlists to keep you lifted, focused, relaxed, or whatever you need, any day of the week.
Take a listen and share with your friends and family!


Mindfulness, Relaxation, and Inspiration

Mindfulness - Light relaxing background music for meditation, yoga, and calm studying.


Peaceful Mediation - Breathe. Sense. Feel. Transcend.


Inspirational Instrumental Pop - Ideal music for song writing, learning, dancing...whatever makes you happy. :)



Praise and Worship


Fresh Gospel - The new sound of Gospel music for today, and tomorrow.


Worship Now - Discover the pulse of today's modern worship music.


Top Christian - The best mix of today's Christian music worldwide.



Latin Gospel - Experience the pulse of today's Latin gospel music.

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