Find a Church

Our hope is that every student would find a local church to become actively involved in during their time at Baylor. The churches in our area can be places where your faith is dynamically transformed and you experience missional living in new ways. You may not find a church exactly like one you grew up going to or that seems comfortable right away, but you may find that God has something new for you to learn about spiritual growth within the body of Christ.

Discerning where to Belong

Church size, denomination, theological tradition, worship style, preaching, pastoral leadership, and opportunities for college-age students are just a few of the many things to prayerfully consider when selecting a local church. In addition to being mindful of these preferences and needs, you might also reflect on these questions:

1. Is this a church where I seem comfortable but find that I’m challenged as well?

2. Though community and friendship will certainly be important, is it possible that I might be choosing a church because it’s just easier to go there with my group?

3. Am I being honest about and have I thought through questions I have or places of discomfort I experience with regards to theology, practice, or the way the church is led?

4. Do I need, primarily at this stage in my journey, to be with fellow college students at church, or might I need an experience that is more intergenerational?

5. Should I give myself the opportunity, in this unique chapter of my life, to “look around” and learn about and from other traditions?

6. Knowing God often speaks to us in a deep and even bodily way, where am I feeling a resonance in my heart?

“May the Lord be with you” in your search and make this journey peacefully. Think of it as a delightful journey, a sacred adventure, rather than something “you have to get right.” Trust in that wisdom from the gospels, “If you seek, you’ll find.”


Baylor Spiritual Life