Change the World in a Day

Change the World in a Day is an annual event where Baylor Chapel students raise money for a charitable cause. Each Spring, the Worship staff chooses a charity that is close to the heart of Baylor and its students. During a special chapel service, a representative from the charity speaks to the students about the work they are doing to change the world in the name of Christ. An offering is taken up to benefit the charity, allowing chapel students an opportunity to participate in making the world a better place.

History of Change...

  • 2014 First Change the World in a Day. Members of Phi Kappa Chi approached Worship staff about raising money to build an education building and dining facility for Ugandan orphans through their philanthropy project I Love Orphans.
  • 2015 Chapel students raised funds to build a refugee camp in Iraq through their support of Billy Ray.
  • 2016 Chapel students raised funds to support a sports complex in Ghana that is teaching the love of Christ through basketball. 
  • 2017 Chapel students raised funds to support Daniel and Zippy Sindiyo’s ministry in Kenya. The charity was created to save girls from inhumane practices and offer them the opportunity to attend a boarding school near Nairobi. The Baylor University Men’s Choir has been supporting the girls for a few years. One of the girls, Viola, just got some of the highest score in Kenya on the standard college entrance exam. The money raised this year will be used to support more of them.
  • 2018 Chapel students raised around $10000 for Hurricane Harvey Relief and students were able to buy major appliances for ten different houses in the Bear Creek neighborhood of Houston. 
  • 2019 coming soon....

This year’s Change the World in a Day donations are supporting a Baylor Missions home build in the Dominican Republic with Casas Por Cristo. The goal is to raise $10,000 towards building a home.


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