What does Baylor, Spiritual Life, and the Grad School offer grad students?

Neighbor Nights
We'd love to have you get involved as a leader or mentor for this program! Email Josh Ritter if you are interested in helping.
Men For Change
Men For Change is a group on campus for men to meet and discuss ideas of spirituality and masculinity in a brave space. This group will explore healthy versions of masculinity, healthy relationships, ways to advocate for survivors, men and women, of interpersonal violence, and the effects of hypermasculinity culture Join us every Thursday at 5:30 in the Bobo Spiritual Life Center Chapel.
Baylor This I Believe
Baylor This I Believe is a website that is adapted from the larger international organization This I Believe whose goal is to engage people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. Similarly, our project is a website that shares essays written by Baylor students and alumni specifically sharing about the core values of what they believe. This project allows our Baylor community to learn from one another and appreciate different view points and perspectives on faith.
Mindfulness BU
Mindfulness BU is a collaborative effort between Spirituality and Public Life and Baylor Wellness. Mindfulness and contemplation are simply seeing things differently…seeing things from a different perspective. Wherever you go, there you are…

All people have access to their True Self from their very first inhalation and exhalation, which is the very sound of the sacred. It is the literally unspeakable Jewish name for God, YHWH. It cannot be spoken but only breathed: inhaling and exhaling with open lips. It is the first and last "word" you will ever utter - most likely without knowing it. -Richard Rohr

Join us for Mindfulness Yoga on Fridays at 8 am in Elliston Chapel and Centering Prayer on Mondays from 12:30-1:00 pm in the BARC (by East Village).
Public Deliberation Initiative
The Public Deliberation Initiative (PDI) at Baylor University is an initiative of critical deliberative democracy, activism, interdisciplinary collaboration, pedagogical research, student involvement, and training for ongoing community engagement. This initiative seeks to engage students, staff, faculty, and community members in constructive dialogue and deliberation that addresses important global and local issues and offers new perspectives for participants. Joining together in this way allows our community to practice hospitality for one another and differing opinions, engaged listening, and thinking of ways to serve our local and global community. The Undergraduate and Graduate Journal on Religion, Public Life, and Community Engagement will be a student only online publication with essays on these topics. Submission guidelines coming soon.
Enneagram Workshops
The Enneagram is a personality-type system that can be used as a tool for spiritual discernment and growth. The Formation Department offers small groups and workshops that provide more information on the Enneagram system and each of the 9 personality types. Join the facebook group for all updates.