Class Hymn

Music has the ability to inspire us--to change us--to heighten our awareness of ourselves and how we interact with the world. Melodies have been written and sung for generations upon generations to celebrate, to mourn, to endure hardship, to acknowledge Truth, and to worship God. In 2008, University Chaplain Burt Burleson and Director of Worship Ryan Richardson wrote the very first class hymn titled "I Will Awaken". This hymn of encouragement and transformation was followed each year by a new offering that would be sung throughout orientation, chapel, and countless worship services.

These days over 3,000 new students find their way to Baylor University each Fall. When they sit down at orientation they are greeted with song--a hymn written just for them--strangers who will soon be fellow sojourners--enabling them to sing a common melody together celebrating the beginning of their new journey and trusting their path to the God who will guide them, sustain them, and see them transformed.

Gift of Grace
Lyrics & Music by Burt Burleson & Ryan Richardson
Lead vocal: Jessica Kemp
Piano: Ryan Richardson
Violin: Sarah Ewing, Keith Michael
Cello: Sam Johnson
Choir: Members of Baylor CL&L, along with faculty and staff
Recording Engineer: Casey Pittman
Video: Bob Oei, Devon Dundee, and Joe Chan

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