Spring 2008

Chapel - Spring 2008

Date Item
04/30/2008  Year in Review of Baylor Chapel (MP4 04:44)
Here is a brief look at the great year we have had in chapel.
04/28/2008  Keith Cooper (MP4 35:03)
Christian guitar player, Keith Cooper, performs in chapel and shares about the importance of seeking out new ways to worship God as a healthy spiritual practice.
04/21/2008  Max Lucado (MP4 35:41)
Max Lucado explores the significance of the word "whoever" found in John 3:16 and its connection to God's grace.
04/14/2008  FLOW and Don Vanderslice (MP4 39:46)
Christian hip hop/rap duo, FLOW, perform their artistic ministry during chapel. Don Vanderslice, pastor at the Mosaic church in Austin, TX, talks about the importance that relationships have on who we are as a whole.
04/09/2008  Ryan Richardson (MP4 40:53)
Ryan Richardson (a.k.a. Chapel Ryan), Director of Worship, talks about the need for true and sincere community and what it means to really live life together within the body of Christ.
04/07/2008  BRH Choir (MP4 20:47)
Baylor Religious Hour Choir performs during chapel.
04/02/2008  Julie Merritt (MP4 28:59)
Julie Merritt, Truett Seminary graduate, explores the role that doubt has in our faith and how it helps us to discover who God is.
03/31/2008  Faith Roberts (MP4 33:53)
Faith Roberts shares the impact that being a nurse has on her life and how being in the health profession can be a beautiful ministry.
03/26/2008  Chris Thacker (MP4 36:07)
Chris Thacker, Truett Seminary graduate and pastor, speaks on the importance of liturgy from Jeremiah 31 and its significance in our faith as Christians today.
03/19/2008  Holy Week (MP4 33:53)
Dr. Burt Burleson talks about the significance of Holy Week and the role that Judas' betrayal has on our lives as Christians.
03/17/2008  Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn (MP4 38:50)
Jill and Andy perform songs from their recent albums and talk about the impact that illegal music downloads have on their financial support as well as their ability to create more music.
03/05/2008  Dorisanne Cooper (MP4 29:42)
Dorisanne Cooper, Baylor graduate and pastor at Lake Shore Baptist Church, discusses the significance of Nicodemus' question to Jesus on being born again.
03/03/2008  Shane Claiborne (MP4 37:42)
Shane Claiborne explores the issues of not only talking about making poverty history, but also the issue of embracing poverty in a personal way and actually being intentional about talking to those that are poor.
02/27/2008  Brett Younger (MP4 27:57)
Brett Younger, pastor of Broadway Baptist Church, talks about the importance of the pursuit of knowledge in conjunction with the pursuit of Christ. Brett explains why it is okay to ask questions about the Bible as one seeks to understand the knowledge of Christ.
02/25/2008  AD Players (MP4 35:36)
AD Players are a Christian drama group that act out the experiences of three people who observe various moments of Jesus' ministry. As they observe his ministry, each must decide whether to embrace Christ as He is, or continue playing games with their lives.
02/20/2008  India Children's Choir and Chris Fillingham (MP4 33:42)
India Children's Choir shares the gospel message through song and dance. Chris Fillingham talks about the change in ministry that is taking place as Christians from other countries are seeking to share the gospel with those in America.
02/18/2008  Shannon Cutts (MP4 40:16)
Shannon Cutts talks about the importance of a healthy body image and how to discern among the unrealistic portrayals of body image found in the media.
02/13/2008  Dr. Ron McCurdy (MP4 42:26)
Dr. Ron McCurdy explores the artistic intersection between the poems of Langston Hughes and jazz music.
02/11/2008  Roxanne Wilson (MP4 34:36)
A Baylor graduate and final four contestant on the NBC hit show, the Apprentice, Roxanne Wilson shares with us her experiences on the show and how she remained strong in her faith in a challenging secular environment.
02/06/2008  Ash Wednesday (MP4 32:47)
This chapel service served as a reflection on the significance of Ash Wednesday.
02/04/2008  Larry James (MP4 34:36)
Larry James, President and CEO of Central Dallas Ministries, talks about his ministry experience working with low income communities and poverty in Dallas, TX.
01/30/2008  Christopher Mack (MP4 36:33)
A Truett Seminary student and resident chaplain in Penland Hall talks about what it means to look after the interest of others and having the same mindset of Christ.
01/28/2008  Dr. Steve Nolt (MP4 32:44)
Dr. Steve Nolt shares about the tragedy of the Philadelphia Amish school shooting and the communities decision to forgive the shooter. Dr. Nolt speaks upon the lessons that can be learned about forgiveness from such a tragedy.
01/23/2008  Dr. Frank Thomas (MP4 42:12)
Former Pastor of New Faith Baptist Church, Matteson, Illinois, Dr. Thomas now serves the largest Disciples church congregation in the United States. Dr. Thomas is the author of They Like to Never Quit Praisin' God: The Role of Celebration in Preaching. He currently serves as Co-Executive Editor of The African American Pulpit.
01/16/2008  Dr. George Mason (MP4 40:15)
George Mason has been senior pastor at Wilshire since August 1989. He is a nationally recognized leader among Baptists, serving the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Baptist General Convention of Texas, Texas Baptists Committed, Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University, Duke University Divinity School, and Children's Medical Center of Dallas.
01/14/2008  Orientation (MP4 26:44)
Beginning orientation for Spring 2008 Chapel.


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