Below are some frequently asked questions related to chapel. If you need more information, please contact us at 710-3517.
What time does Chapel Begin?
There are three chapel sessions: 9:05, 10:10, & 11:15. You MUST attend the session in which you are registered. Due to the nature of the chapel program, NO ONE can be admitted after the doors are closed.

How many absences can I have?
To receive credit, First-Year students involved in University 1000 during the fall semester must attend 26 of the 34 sessions (you may miss 8 chapels and/or University 1000 sessions).

Students not involved in University 1000 must attend 21 of the 28 sessions (you may miss no more than 7 chapels).

In accordance with Baylor policy, this is 75% of the total Chapel sessions held during each semester. Per the policy, if you miss more than 75% of chapels, you cannot receive credit and must re-take chapel another semester.

Are there excused absences?
Baylor University policy is that regardless of the reason for the absences, a student must attend 75% of class sessions to pass.

If I register late, are Chapels held before I attend counted as absences?

Do I need my Baylor ID card for Chapel?
Students are required to maintain a valid, scannable ID card for Chapel. If your ID does not scan properly, it is your responsibility to attain a replacement ID.

How many vouchers can I turn in?
Vouchers are limited to three (3) per semester. If you must turn in a voucher, please get a replacement ID as soon as possible to avoid problems with your attendance being counted.

Where do I check absences?
You can check your absences online by clicking here.

The Spiritual Life website has me marked absent today and I was there, what can I do?
It takes 8-24 hours after Chapel before attendance is reflected on the web page. If you are still marked absent, please fill out THIS form.

Is it okay to talk during Chapel?
Sustained conversation and/or loud talking are not permitted during Chapel and may result in your receiving an absence for that day.

Why can't we eat or drink at Chapel?
Waco Hall prohibits any food or drink inside the auditorium.

Is it okay to use a laptop, flashlight, cell phone, video game or listen to headsets during Chapel?
No. Attendance at Chapel requires paying attention to the program.

Can I swipe my card or fill out a voucher even if I did not attend Chapel?
No. Students who do so are cheating and will fail for the semester.

Who do I contact if my absences are incorrect?
Any staff member in our office will be happy to help with questions you have regarding absences.

What do I do if I leave something in Chapel?
Go to the Chapel Voucher Stand in the lobby of Waco Hall. Someone will accompany you into Waco Hall to retrieve your item. In order to keep attendance accurately, we cannot allow anyone to enter the auditorium until everyone has exited.

May I suggest someone as a Chapel Speaker or Performer?
YES! You can e-mail "Baylor_Chapel@baylor.edu with your suggestion. Please include as much contact information as possible.

May I bring a guest to Chapel?
YES! Guests are welcome anytime!

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