About Chapel

All of what we do during Chapel is an important part of a Baylor education. The programs we enjoy and the sacred time we share are significant gifts to our community. They help us to remember our deeper callings and envision a greater good. They challenge and inspire us. They nurture us and help us rest for a while. Chapel is a place of learning and a place of knowing, though knowing of a different kind. There are some things that can't be known through a lecture or a lab. They are beyond that sort of calculation.

Everyone is invited to be present, to really be with us. For that to happen you'll need to let go of some things. You'll need to let go of your need to text or talk with someone "right now" and of that tendency perhaps to judge what is happening and assume it's "not your thing." Just receive it. And you'll need to forget for a moment the calendar that is calling so loudly, the stress that is mounting as the semester rolls on. Just be here. Be still for a time and lift up your heart. Lift up your heart to the Lord.

Baylor Spiritual Life