Spiritual Life Staff

Bob Oei, Coordinator for Worship Technology and Communication
Carlos Colon, Coordinator for Worship Initiatives
Holly Tate, Assistant Director of Missions
Jennifer Crosslin, Administrative Associate for Missions
Jill Hatcher, Project Coordinator for Missions
Josh Ritter, Assistant Director of Spirituality and Public Life
Lee Ann Robelia, Coordinator for Leadership Development and Youth Ministry Teams
Lisa Garrett, Administrative Associate for Worship and Chapel
Maggie Griffin, Coordinator of Creative Services
Polly Flippin, Budget Associate
Ronda Kruse, Assistant to the University Chaplain

Graduate Apprentices and Ministry Associates

Caitlin Brown, MA for Pastoral Care
Ethan Brown, MA for Pastoral Care
Jesse Pyle, GA for Spirituality and Public Life
Joslyn Henderson, MA for Worship and Chapel
Julia Wallace, MA for Missions
Katie Stahl, MA for Missions
Tim Lee, MA for Spirituality and Public Life
Tori Ewing, MA for Worship Technology
Tyler Phillips, MA for Youth Ministry Teams
Zack Jackson, GA for Spirituality and Public Life