Spiritual Life Staff

Dr. Burt Burleson, University Chaplain and Dean of Spiritual Life and Missions
Rebecca KennedyAssociate Chaplain and Assistant Dean of Spiritual Life and Missions
Kristen Richardson, Associate Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care
John Maurer, Associate Chaplain and Director of Sports Ministry

Worship & Chapel 
Carlos Colón, Assistant Director for Worship Initiatives
Matthew Aughtry, Assistant Director for Worship, Technology, and Communications
Lisa Garrett, Administrative Associate for Worship and Chapel

Missions & Public Life
Jill Hatcher, Assistant Director of Missions: Operations
Josh Ritter, Assistant Director of Spirituality and Public Life
Dominique "Dom" McShan, Assistant Director of Marketing, Communications, and Events
Tyler Conway, Coordinator for Recruitment and Training
Codie Robinson, Project Coordinator for Missions 
Jennifer Crosslin, Administrative Associate for Missions
Polly Flippin, Budget Associate for the Office of Spiritual Life

University Chaplain's Office
Ronda Kruse, Assistant to the University Chaplain

Baylor Spiritual Life