Student Resources

Students Resources is an area for anyone wishing to gather more information about this semester at Chapel.

Request Prayer

If you would like to submit a prayer request, please do so by clicking here and filling out the prayer request form.

Check Attendance

Students currently enrolled in Chapel can check their attendance by logging in on bearweb.


Students wishing to know more about the requirements of Chapel can go to our Requirements page.

Chapel Syllabus

For all students enrolled in this semester of Chapel, the current syllabus can be downloaded here

Chapel Student Leaders

Students are integral in making Chapel happen each week. Whether it is helping set up, manning scanners, or assisting in readings, Chapel Student Leaders are a vital part of Chapel.

Chapel Alternatives

Students who have completed one semester of traditional chapel may petition through the Office of Spiritual Life to fulfill their second semester requirement through one of the offered chapel alternatives. Departmental approval is required and registrations is handled through the Chaplain's office.

Download more information & application here: