Spiritual Practices

We want all students to explore their faith, ask questions, seek out answers, learn about different spiritual practices and disciplines and strengthen their foundation of faith. We have several resources to help our students on their journeys.
The Enneagram is a personality-type system that can be used as a tool for spiritual discernment and growth. Below are some helpful websites that offer basic and detailed information on the Enneagram system and each of the 9 personality types.
Spiritual Life Library
Come into the Bobo to check out a book from our library. The Spiritual Life staff has hand-selected a collection of books to help you when you don't have clarity for the future, when you are wrestling with difficult questions, when you are dealing with grief and loss, when you are looking to go deeper in your faith, when you are looking to experience a new perspective or seeking a new spiritual discipline. We'd love to talk with you about what's going on in your life and suggest a book for you to take for reflection.
Ways Of Praying
Are you looking to get into a rhythm of praying throughout your day? Learn more about different ways to engage in the spiritual discipline of prayer here.

Baylor Spiritual Life