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Bobo Spiritual Life Center

Looking to learn more about the programs offered through the Office of Spiritual Life? Need a quiet place to study...and coffee in the morning? Wanting a moment away from your routine? Step into the Bobo. Meet our friendly staff. Take a moment to pray and pause in the chapel.



Receive compassion and guidance offered by someone trained in matters of faith and the soul.


Hear from people who excel at what they do as an expression of their commitment to Christ.

Faith in Practice

Embrace your religious and spiritual identity within public life and become a transformational leader to our global community


Discover a sense of vocation and calling as you see first-hand how you can use their discipline to serve

Serve in Waco

Engage in the greater Waco community through relationship building and service.

Sports Ministry

Integrate your Christian faith into the world of sports.

Youth Ministry

Experience spiritual formation through hands-on ministry engagement in churches across Texas.