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Steps for Spanish Course Equivalency Approval

1)      Go to:

2)      If you are hoping to take a 2nd year Spanish course off-campus, you will need to provide in advance documentation indicating what textbook will be used. If the other institution is still using a 1st year textbook in the 2nd year, we cannot grant Baylor equivalency.

Must cover first ½ of the text, including study of the preterite for 1401 credit.

Must cover last ½ of the text, including the subjunctive for 1402 credit.

Popular first-year books:  Puntos de partida, Arriba, Vistas, Dos mundos, Mosaicos

¡Dímelo tú!, Nexos, ¿Cómo se dice? ¡Claro que sí!  Plazas, Así es.

Cannot be using a first-year text in the second-year course.

Popular second-year books:  En contacto, Facetas, Interacciones, ¡De viva voz!, Conversación y repaso, Pasajes, De paseo, Perspectivas,  Entre nosotros, Mundo 21, Reflejos, ¡Continuemos!


In our first-year course, we cover the entirety of our first-year text. We do a third-semester grammar review with an intermediate text and concentrate on reading and discussing literature in the fourth semester.

The language requirement constitutes over 10% of a bachelor’s degree.  It is based on the ideal that an educated person should achieve the level of proficiency in the language at which they can appreciate another culture and its literature in the culture's language.



Ideally, before you take a language class outside of Baylor, following the directions on the above link to ensure that the course would transfer and give you credit at Baylor. Make sure you submit a syllabus with textbook information and the number of chapters covered, so that we can process your request.