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Spanish 2320 - Intermediate Spanish II


1. To develop skills that will enable you to listen, speak, read, and write in the target language at the Intermediate Proficiency level.

2. To gain knowledge of the subject matter and to develop analytical thinking skills.

3. To acquire cross-cultural Communicative Competency through an appreciation and acceptance of the differences between American (United States) and Hispanic (i.e., Spanish/Latin American) cultures. The ultimate goal is to beable to function adequately in a foreign environment, culturally as well as linguistically.

4. To realize that there is both pleasure and value in being able to communicate in a second language.


By the end of this semester the diligent student will:

1. Listen, speak, read, and write in Spanish at the Intermediate-mid or Intermediate high Proficiency Level according to criteria established by ACTFL/ETS (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages/Educational Testing Service):

1.1 develop listening and speaking flexibility not only to satisfy, but in some instances to go beyond everyday survival needs and limited social demands.

1.2 pronounce Spanish well enough so as to be understood by a native speaker.

1.3 show adequate control of major grammatical structures and past, present, and future verb tenses, including irregulars. For example, put simple questions, make statements, express opinions and hypothesize, give instructions using commands in such a way as to be understood by a native speaker experienced in dealing with foreigners.

1.4 read a Spanish text (with the aid of a dictionary) so as to gain a general understanding of basic ideas, but perhaps not all details, difficult grammatical structures, and idiomatic turns of phrase.

1.5 paraphrase and/or summarize content orally with limited literary analysis of a particular reading selection.

1.6 write with minor errors short compositions on an assigned topic.

1.7 paraphrase and/or summarize in written form with minor errors, the content of a reading selection.

1.8 answer correctly in written form more than 60% of objective and subjective questions on three exams and several quizzes.

2. Compare andcontrast American (U.S.) cultural values to Hispanic cultural values:

2.1 read selections about the culture of the Spanish-speaking world with a view toward pointing out differences between US and Hispanic world view.

2.2 apply (orally or in written form) the above five-part framework in analyzing and interpreting the differences betweenU.S. and Hispanic values.