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Admissions / Insurance / Responsibilities


Applicants to the program should have completed one year of college Spanish or the equivalent and must show evidence of sufficient language background. This implies a minimum grade of C in Spanish 1402 or the equivalent. Only under very extraordinary circumstances can an exception be made to the requirement of one year of prior study of Spanish with an average grade of C. Tuition must be paid to Baylor University before enrollment in the program is considered complete. Deadline for tuition payment is the same as for regular summer sessions at the Waco campus. Those who are not students currently at Baylor University should contact the program director regarding application and admission policies to this program as set forth by the university.


Each student will enroll in a Baylor-approved insurance program that is valid while traveling in a foreign country. Each student will be personally responsible for making the proper arrangements in this regard.

For more information about the new insurance policy for study abroad visit the website: Health Insurance for Study Abroad


Baylor University will carry out services rendered by the Division of Admissions and Records. Student advisement, counseling, and enrollment will be provided for all participants on a continuing basis before leaving for Spain by Baylor faculty members who will also perform similar services in Spain and will teach the courses there. Applicants must agree to and sign a statement to the effect that they will abide by all regulations governing regular students of Baylor University concerning classes and related activities, housing and personal conduct, and travel to, in, and from Spain. This will also include a waiver of liability regarding Baylor University and the program directors.