Estimated Costs

Baylor University Tuition

Students must register for six hours of class work. The regular tuition of approximately $1136 per credit hour, plus the general study fee of $1363.00 and a $150.00 study abroad fee will apply and are payable directly to the University Registrar. Program fees also apply and are discussed below.

 Summary of Costs

Baylor University Fees Tuition (six hours)


Administrative Fee

Study Abroad Fee $150

Room and Board, 32 days


Round-trip Air Travel (Approx.)


Travel Expenses in Spain


Program Fee

HTH insurance required by BU $40 
TOTAL $12629

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the prices pertaining to room and board in Denia, as well as airfare, are tentative and subject to some fluctuation. We are still waiting for final details of arrangements from our contacts in Denia and are unable to quote fixed prices yet. The figure for personal expenses is merely a suggested amount. We will make every effort to keep costs as low as possible and to maintain a quality program.

While tuition, administrative and study abroad fees are payable directly to Baylor, room and board, program fee and travel expenses in Spain are remitted to the program director. Airfare is paid directly to the designated travel agent. Monies corresponding to personal expenses may be taken in the form of a debit card to Spain by participant. ATM’s which take cash cards and credit cards are also widely used. A suggested amount for other personal expenses is $1,000, unless you intend to do a great deal of shopping or make a number of significant purchases while in Spain. You should plan accordingly and carefully in this regard. The program fee is used to help defray transportation and living expenses for faculty personnel. The travel monies cover transportation by charter bus and lodging expenses for students when outside of Denia.