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Travel To and From Spain

Arrangements are currently being made for a round-trip group flight departing Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport the day of July 9, 2015. Students are strongly encouraged to make every effort to avail themselves of this arrangement, as it represents a significant savings over regular fares to Madrid and saves much time once we land in Spain if we are together as a group. If it is not possible for you to go to Madrid with the group, please arrange for the program director to know in detail your plans for arriving in Madrid individually. If you are unsure whether to go with the group or on your own, the program director will be able to offer suggestions and alternatives. As soon as you are fairly certain that you will be participating in the program, you should begin the application process for your passport and any other documents needed for travel to and in Europe. Further instructions pertaining to the group flight, arrangements in Madrid as well as Denia, customs, excursions, and other activities will be provided at the orientation sessions to be held prior to the end of Spring semester.


While in Spain, there will be opportunities for cultural enrichment. The group flight will arrive in Madrid Friday, July 10, with departure to Denia scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, July 12. During this stay in Madrid, some time will be devoted to visiting different points of interest in the city.

An excursion to Valencia (Spain's third largest city) is planned for Saturday, July 18. We also intend to make an extended trip to Barcelona July 24-27. Other travel destinations include Alicante and Granada. When traveling outside of Denia, costs such as admission prices and meals will correspond to personal expenses and should be planned for by each student when estimating the amount of money budgeted for personal needs.