More Tips...

• Try to read the local newspaper. Being aware of one's surroundings is always sound advice.

• Be upbeat and positive, and don't dwell on what is going on in the States. It is ridiculous to be homesick if we are only gone for five weeks.

• Always know what the group is doing and stick with it. Stragglers will slow us down and keep us from having an enjoyable time. Wait for free time to do your relaxing or getting away from the group.

• Know when you have to be at any certain place--to catch a bus, see a museum or monument, or participate in some group activity. Arriving late is irresponsible.

• Baylor University does not condone in any way the consumption of alcohol. The over-consumption of alcohol or binge-drinking may present a personal security risk and may endanger your life. You may be sent home if this is a problem. It's expensive and, physically, it may be taxing.

• Always play it safe. If you have a bad feeling about something, then don't do it. Trust your own good judgment and don't let others decide for you--always good advice.

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