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Rules and Recommendations

In Europe, the families who accept foreign students in their home are not substitute father and mother, as is frequently the case with American families who volunteer to host foreign students. The relationship is more that of a paying guest. Therefore, it is more formal and students should be aware of what is acceptable and what is not.

1. Be Punctual for Meals
2. Always Speak Spanish in the Presence of family members
3. Keep your room neat and clothers picked up at all times
4. Be as Quiet as Possible During the Siesta and When Returning Late at Night
5. Be prompt for meals-call if you will be eating out.
6. Use Your Own Personals
7. Take Special Care to Conserve
8. It is Absolutely Prohibited to Make Long Distance Phone Calls From Your House
9. Each Student Has the Right to Take One Shower Per Day. Please Try Not to Exceed Five Minutes
10 Eating Arrangements
11 House Visitors
12 It is Your Responsibility to Adapt to the Customs and Ways of Your Host Family and Country
13 Substance Abuse
14 Clothing and Flip-flops
15 Attendance
16 Visitors and Other Baylor Students

Your professors want you to have a good time and be happy with your family. If you have a valid reason to ask to be moved from a certain house, another family will be located. However, you must let us know before the end of the second week.


Your fellow students can't offer any solutions to your situation and you will only be undermining the morale of the group by encouraging more complaints. BE POSITIVE and remember that part of your learning process, living in a foreign country, is to understand cultural differences. Don't draw comparisons--try to accept others' values.