1. Documents

Do you have a valid passport?

If not, the passport office is in the post office in downtown Waco, you will need your birth certificate. This is a very hight priority.

Make sure I get a scan of the picture page for my collection.

I also need a scan of a passport style picture with a white background.

Please plan to bring your Baylor ID and carry it with you throughout Spain. This picture ID will help you get into museums, cathedrals and other monuments and save you a lot of money. If your Baylor ID is in bad shape, plan to replace it.

2. Roomates:

Is there someone you would like to room with? Send me an e-mail and let me know.

3. Classes and books:

2310: Basic Spanish Grammar (1st edition, Houghten-Mifflen)

2320: Aventuras Literarias (6th Edition, Cengage)

3302: Manual de gramática (5th edition, Cengage); Conversation in Spanish: Points of Departure (6th edtion, Cengage)

3310: Culturas de España (1st, Cengage)

4V99: To be acquired in Spain