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Baylor in Spain, Madrid

Baylor in Madrid

We encourage all students to make a decision about Madrid by March 1, 2018, although later applications will be considered. No applications will be accepted after May 1, 2018.

Our philosophy about Baylor in Spain is really quite simple: We want our students to be safe and have a good time while they take classes in Spanish language and culture, learn about Spanish geography and history, and explore the contemporary urban landscape of Madrid. We believe that homework and organized class periods are an integral part of making Baylor in Spain a very meaningful experience. If you would like more information about Madrid there are two websites with information in English: The city council or the English language magazine In Madrid.

Note: In case of emergency, you may call this number in Madrid between May 20 and July 1: 011-34-91-613-9388. Please keep in mind that Spain is seven (7) hours ahead of Central Standard Time.