PhD Curriculum

PhD Curriculum

The School Psychology PhD requires at least 101 hours of academic course work, practica, and research. It typically consists of four full years of graduate study on campus followed by a culminating 2,000-hour internship during the fifth year. The School Psychology PhD can be conceptualized as consisting of three inter-related and coincidental stages:

Stage One: 3 years

During the first stage, students develop knowledge of basic content areas in scientific psychology, clinical skills, and foundational research skills. Students begin to develop a professional identity but need close supervision and frequent feedback. The culmination of the first step is passing the preliminary examination process. This stage typically takes three years.

Stage Two: 1 year

The second stage involves expansion of scientific and clinical skills in a substantive area of study that culminates in completion of a doctoral dissertation. Students can perform many skills with minimal or no supervision and are starting to achieve proficiency in teaching and supervising others. This stage takes approximately one year.

Stage Three: 1-year Internship

Finally, students complete a pre-doctoral internship in stage three. The pre-doctoral internship year allows students to polish their clinical skills in an applied setting and develop an appreciation of issues meaningful to practitioners while simultaneously working on research projects with Baylor and internship faculty.


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