TEA Website Dedicated to Highlighting Texas Public School Successes

July 31, 2006
A recently launched website highlights successes achieved by Texas public schools and those connected with them.

Because public schools deal with our most precious treasures -- our children -- we expect them to be perfect. Consequently, when they are less than perfect, that news is spotlighted.

But everyday in the schools across Texas, thousands of good things are happening. Students are learning. Awards are won.

"Students, and the educators and staff who nurture them, are growing stronger," Commissioner of Education Shirley J. Neeley said.

"We dedicate this new website Our Schools, Our Stars to the quiet successes our school community achieves everyday," she said.

The web address is: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/comm/stars or look for the Our Schools, Our Stars link on the front page of the Texas Education Agency's website at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/.

The site features awards received by students, educators, schools and districts. It begins to catalog kudos received by Texas public schools from national organizations. It highlights students caught in the act of doing something good.

School districts are invited to share news about state and national awards they or their students and staff have received by emailing the information to goodnews@tea.state.tx.us. The information may be posted on the new website.

--reprinted with permission from TEA
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